I’m supporting Mary Stewart for Iowa District 41 and I hope you will too. She is truly a listener and works hard to put her hand out and help people. I am a retired elementary teacher, having worked for many years in an at-risk school where children and families came with many needs. I’m certain that Mary will support fully funding public education in southern Iowa and many of he needed programs that will help teachers, counselors, nurses and support staff provide a quality education for every student.

Mary came out of retirement to run for office. She is well suited with the experience she has had with nearly 30 years working at Indian Hills Community College. I met her about 18 months ago in the beginning of her campaign. She has a phenomenal amount of energy and stamina, visiting, talking and listening to people in small towns and attending events all over the district. This is her first run at public office. She’s a small town girl, born and raised in southern Iowa.

I’m campaigning for Mary because she is honest, hard working and understands the problems people are faced with because she lived some of them. She will be open to listening and answering questions at public forums and in one-on-one conversations. She’s a people person that I’ve grown to admire and support. I’ve already cast my vote for Mary Stewart and I invite you to do the same on or before Nov. 6.

Cindy Rupe


The due process clause is included in both the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution. The clause prohibits the government from depriving a person of their right to liberty or property without due process. This clause has helped the federal and state governments adopt fairness standards to ensure people’s rights are not violated. When the justice system fails to treat a person accused of a crime in a fair manner, this treatment violates the person’s rights to due process.

Procedural due process protects individuals during governmental proceedings, whether they are civil or criminal. Procedural due process also pertains to parole hearings, governmental benefit hearings, and full criminal trials. The rights afforded in this section include, but are not limited to:

The right to an unbiased trial

The right to be given notice of the proposed trial and the reason for it

The right of the individual to be aware of evidence against him

The right to cross-examine witnesses for the opposition

The right to present evidence and call witnesses

The right to be represented by counsel

The whole Democrat party, save one, neglected the due process clause in Judge Kavanaugh's appointment hearing and thereby have broken their oath of office to protect, defend and uphold the Constitution of the United States. And now they are supporting an invasion.

Don't allow such dangerous people to get any further in our government. On Nov. 6 let's see a red wave! VOTE! 

Russell Weeks


Although it was sixty eight years ago, I was so shocked, so horrified, that I still remember where I was sitting in the classroom. I had just read that the Greek Spartans took their less than perfect newborns and left them in a wilderness to die by whatever fate awaited them. I

remember looking out a winter window into the leafless limbs of a huge maple tree, and wondering how anyone could, or would be so cruel. Whether or not they actually did that is not the point. The point is that my third grade brain was not developed enough to use euphemisms and twisted logic to make a horrible cruelty sound like something good. I saw it for what it was. Spartans quit doing that around B.C. 500.

There is now a major political party which has regressed 3000 years to adopt what is, in essence, the same Spartan practice, and made it a major plank in their political platform. Then they call themselves progressives.

Sir Winston Churchill is often quoted, and with good reason. His observations are accurate and brutally to the point. Churchill observed that any man (person) who is not a liberal at age 20 has no heart. Any man who is not a conservative at age 40 has no brain.

The accuracy of Churchill's observation is demonstrated today by 40 year old liberals justifying killing unborn children by claiming it is a woman's health issue when the women had no disease in the first place.

Vote brains.

Paul Halferty


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