Renewable energy is cheaper and more efficient than ever before. Because of that, Iowans should support its growth across the state. But we need to make sure it’s done fairly and that its policy is responsive to the growing demands of the energy grid. That’s why we need to support HF 669/SF 583.

This legislation takes away the cost shift brought on by solar panels. While they are a clean form of energy, they can’t operate on their own. When the sun isn’t strong enough to fully power the solar panel, the device needs to tap into the normal power grid for energy. This might seem like a rare occasion, but it happens all the time.

When the solar panel does that, it actually avoids the cost to use the grid. Unfortunately, that means that the cost is then shifted to other consumers, including those that don’t even have solar panels. Iowans need to support changing the status quo so we can be fair in our energy needs.

For my fellow Iowans who do have solar panels, all the more power to them (pun intended). I want to support the expansion of clean energy, but it has to be done fairly at the end of the day.

Clifford Smith


What has happened to the once great medical community? Ottumwa used to be one of the best around. A man sits in the E.R. for two hours with severe chest pain until family calls and gives them a chewing out. Have doctors that just don't care you see them for a follow up and they say "what do you want me to do for you?" How about be a doctor and do your job?

I can honestly say I am tired of the clinics they created for the P.A.s, so I went in search of a real doctor, which is a rare creature. I found Dr Ahmed. He and his staff are top notch; I recommend him to everyone.

And then the pharmacies. They lose your scripts or don't fax them over until, once again, you call and jump their behinds. What happened? People afraid to stay at ORHC. So many people have started going to Fairfield, Osky, Bloomfield. Why? Not everyone that enters your doors wants the dreaded opioids. Most want good care and compassion. Even the nurses are uncaring.. I just don't understand, from a town that had top doctors and hospitals. I do have to also say if you have to go to E.R. pray Dr. Lanferman or Dr. Fredrickson. Excellent care, good men. And good luck all.

Patricia Sanchez


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