My wife and I are residents of Wapello County. We raised two boys and have worked here all of our lives. We as a community should feel fortunate to have such a highly qualified candidate as Don Phillips running for our sheriff.

Our son Nathan and his friend Seth Anderson died in what we believed to be an accidental fire in 2006. We would get to know Don very well a decade later. In January 2016 we learned of evidence that the fire may have been arson. Don was instrumental in moving the case forward over the next year. He was professional, kind, and generous with his time. He helped turn a 10-year-old cold case into two guilty verdicts.

Don’s a veteran, with twenty five years of experience in law enforcement in Wapello County. Our former Sheriff Mark Miller thought highly enough of Don that he made him is chief deputy. He’s had the job for six years and is currently acting as Sheriff. He has years of experience as a patrol officer, investigating crimes, and working in the community.

From a professional standpoint we believe his background in law enforcement and administration makes him the logical choice. He has the initiative and drive to make a difference in our community. Please take time to vote for Don Tuesday March 5.

Mel and Jolynn Messer


I’d like to take an opportunity to weigh in on Interim Sheriff Don Phillips’ dedication to his profession, the citizens and the Wapello County Sheriff’s Office. I was there from day one when Don got hired. Don and I worked as peer deputies for years, often times teaming up on cases. From the start Don’s focus on helping people, victims and making cases on criminals has never skipped a beat. He always took any lead in a case and worked it as far as the lead could go, never giving up. What still truly speaks volumes to me and hopefully resonates with the public is that Don puts the same initiative and enthusiasm into the job on his 25th year as he did on his 25th day. When I was fortunate enough to become your sheriff, there was no question in my mind that Don should assist me in helping to lead the sheriff’s office into the future as my chief deputy. I’ve had many successes over my 30-year career at the sheriff’s office and many as sheriff. I believe it is extremely important to note for you that many of the progressive accomplishments the sheriff’s office has experienced in my years as sheriff can be credited in large part to Don’s focused work ethic and visions for positive improvement as well. The job Don has done as chief deputy has given him the insight and knowledge to continue to make the citizens proud as their sheriff.

Mark H. Miller

Wapello County Sheriff (Retired)

Deputy Todd Caldwell is a very humble man and has a servant’s heart.

He is my next door neighbor. I am an elderly man. He has come over on more than on occasion to help me out when I was in need. He made a comment to me that h considered me to b like the father he never had. A man could not ask for a higher compliment than that.

Deputy Todd Caldwell served you in the United States Air Force for a period of three years with an honorable discharge. H then joined the Wapello County Sheriff’s Department and has been serving you for over 28 years.

He has more than paid his dues. His heart’s desire now is to serve you as sheriff. Only you can make Deputy Todd Caldwell’s heart’s desire come true by voting for him on March 5. God bless you all.

Larry Cooper


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