In your March 4 article, JFAN Makes Presentation to Legislators in Des Moines, you note that Senator Johnson had said that he had heard little input from county supervisors regarding the need for local control. Subsequent to that meeting, JFAN learned that the Iowa State Association of Counties (ISAC) 2006 policy statement has requested that the Iowa Legislature give counties the “statutory authority to regulate the siting and concentration of these facilities.” ISAC is a nonprofit organization whose members are elected (supervisors) and appointed county officials from all 99 counties. JFAN has since forwarded on to Senator Johnson the ISAC policy statement.

Additionally, and closer to home, it was just one day following JFAN’s meeting with legislators that Wapello County’s Board of Supervisors passed a resolution asking legislators for local control of livestock confinements.

Also, regarding Rep. Drake’s desire to maintain livestock confinement regulation on the state level only, JFAN concurs with Rep. Drake that livestock confinements throughout Iowa should be uniformly regulated by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR). It is important for livestock farmers throughout the state to have one set of codes concerning construction requirements, manure handling and application, etc. However, we believe that each county should have control over the appropriateness of individual siting within its district and that such control will in no way undermine the DNR's statewide regulatory role.

Jeff Mangin


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