Branstad has state on right track

I was happy to have Gov. Branstad and Lt. Gov. Reynolds in Eddyville Thursday for the groundbreaking ceremony of HF Chlor-Alkali, a company building in the existing Cargill complex. The new plant will help support 750 jobs across Iowa, in addition to creating 25 new jobs in our immediate area. It is great to have our area benefit as part of the “200,000 Jobs for Iowa”.

Gov. Branstad and Lt. Gov. Reynolds continue to strive ahead toward their goal of creating 200,000 new jobs for Iowans. Across Iowa, companies like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Wells Fargo, CJ, CF Industries, Alltech and Valent are choosing to locate or expand. They have seen the careful budgeting of Branstad and Reynolds to get our state’s fiscal house in order. Because Iowa’s budget is balanced, these businesses are willing to reinvest as opposed to operating in fear of looming government tax hikes.

“200,000 Jobs for Iowa” results are on target. Branstad and Reynolds have created 160,600 jobs since taking office. More Iowans are employed now than any other time in our state’s history. Iowa’s unemployment rate is the fifth-lowest in the nation and our family incomes are growing the second-fastest in the nation. It is great to be an Iowan.

Gov. Branstad and Lt. Gov. Reynolds have Iowa moving forward in the right direction. We’re fortunate to have true leadership in our state capitol.

Trudy Caviness


Thanks to Courier reporter

Thanks to Chelsea! The Loy Family would like to thank Chelsea and wish her well. She did two great articles on my grandson,Tripp: one following his death and the other when approval for the Tripp Foundation nonprofit status was received. Chelsea, you are a great reporter and will be an asset wherever you choose to go. Good luck and best wishes from the Loy Family and Tripp Foundation.

Karen Loy


Impressed with woman’s persistence

I would like to express how impressed I am with Angela Harland from the 8/21/13 article on the Crisis Center. She stated exactly what we all should keep in mind .... there are probably several people out there to “help” others and they feel more motivated to help those who wish to take the initiative and help themselves. How exhausting is it to continue to work hard and do what you can to help others, just to have them be unappreciative and want more. So “kudos” to you Ms. Harland for saying exactly what needed to be said and for taking the hand up and standing on your own two feet.

Kim Schwartz


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