Paying a company $4,500 to find them a city manager, shows how easy and unprofessional this City Council blows our taxes.

Now they have their tricky sewer tax to fall back on, which was apparently created as an extension on our property taxes, period. Plus they can and more likely will continue to raise mentioned sewer tax at every whim, while we now already pay 200% more than for water on that bill. When I talked to the previous Waterworks manager, he told me, that is was a low trick to suck sewer taxes to the Ottumwa and surrounding property owners and felt that the public would blame him for these unfair taxes, which he had to collect for the city government and promised to quit his job, which he did. Don’t be surprised when someday we pay 500% penalty on top of the water bill to satisfy the city government spenders and how about our elderly on pensions and low Social Security checks.

Why don’t you people learn to manage with consideration and forget your fancy city remodeling and so called surrounding improvements. Why do you want to waste $160,000 on a city manager when we only need a mayor?

Let’s use common horse sense!

John Woudenberg


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