I am an 88-year-old lady who has seen much in my day. My father worked horses, and I have watched him break two bull-headed horses to work as a team. If one would go forward, the other would back up, and vice-versa. If one would go right, the other would go left. Their nostrils would flare, and they would loudly breathe.

Soon, my father, with much patience, would have a fine team, and much work would be done.

It has occurred to me that our lawmakers in Congress act much as my father’s horses.

If the Democrats go forward, the Republicans back up, and vice-versa. If the Democrats go right, the Republicans go left.

I can almost see their nostrils flare and their breathing become noticeable.

They are not a team, and much work does not get done.

Folks, which do you want leading our country: a team or jackasses?

Hazel B. Baker


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