I am writing this letter because of a concern I have about our local Wapello County government. I live in Chillicothe, and I am currently on the Chillicothe City Council.

Our bridge is closed because it was found to have structural problems. What most people don’t understand is the fact that our bridge was not maintained, and the county permitted the passage of heavy construction equipment over the bridge so that a new bridge could be constructed. This leaves us with no passable bridge and the necessity of having to travel by other routes into Ottumwa or Eddyville. With gas prices soaring, my own personal finances are being taxed to their limits, and along with this frustration comes the announcement that our nice blacktopped road to Eddyville will be closed soon.

Does anyone really care about the citizens of Chillicothe and what will serve them and this area best? Or are the decisions based on spending money because we can get it and ego driven to show what marvelous things we can do?

Do I sound unappreciative? Probably. But do we have to go with bigger, and is it necessarily better?

Yes, the new bridge will be wider, but where is the common sense I feel is so lacking? Aren’t we out of control with spending? Do we need a new county board of supervisors who will really listen to the people and their concerns, who will use good reasoning and judgement? I think my feelings reflect the frustration that many of us have with government in general.

Shari Lasley

city councilwoman


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