This letter is in response to the letter writer (Aug. 6) denying the existence of God.

We do need Godly people in our government who will ask for God’s guidance to get us out of the mess we’re in. He’ll help if he is asked.

So many in Washington seem to think we don’t need His guidance; that they know more than He does.

He is being patient right now, but not forever.

The Bible states that “He is a God of long suffering not willing that any man should perish,” but it also says that “His spirit will not always strive with man.”

There is a day coming soon when He will say he’s had enough and will take those that love and believe in Him to a place called Heaven and cast all unbelievers in a lake of fire that will burn forever.

It’s for sure that all those that are there will believe there is a God. It will then be too late to repent and receive Him.

Each of us needs to think seriously about our future once we have left this earthly dwelling.

It’s the most important decision we’ll ever make. Think it over and make the right choice.

Paul Bray


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