I do agree with Alex Burns’ letter in that all human life is precious and should be mourned when it draws its last breath on this earth. Life is God’s most amazing gift and should be deeply respected.

Mr. Burns refers to God’s laws as antiquated. God’s laws are just as relevant today as the day God spoke them into existence. We as Christians should adhere to the laws of God. We as Christians need to remember that all have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God. We need to accept Jesus Christ as our savior so that when we do stray and fall from grace that Christ is there to pick us up and help us start over.

We still have to follow the old laws as written in the Old Testament. Thankfully God made a new covenant with us through Jesus Christ that says if we repent of our sins and ask Jesus into our life as our lord and savior we shall be redeemed. This means we no longer have to face the punishment in the Old Testament if we repent. If a person has sinned in this life and does not repent of their sins in this life, they will be made accountable in the next life.

The founding fathers were religious men and did form this nation and its laws around God’s laws. We were to be a model nation for God’s love, but due to the liberal ideas of a few ignorant people throughout history we have landed in a rebellious state. If this nation does not repent of its sins, He will punish this nation for our insolence.

 Scott Grim


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