Heartland moving into new era

Every organization or business must, from time to time, make changes in order to improve operations, enhance employee morale and move forward in a more positive way in accomplishing its mission. There will always be some for whom those changes are not popular, even when they are clearly in the best interest of the program. Such has been the case with Heartland Humane Society.

Heartland’s Board of Trustees is pleased to have a solid, dedicated and progressive new manager in the person of Mr. Stan McHawes. Working with the staff, Stan has begun to review current practices and programs and identify areas needing intervention. He is working to implement a formal volunteer program, which will actively seek concerned, dedicated volunteers who share Heartland’s vision and who wish to become team players in the effort to improve and enhance the well-being of our animals. We already have several wonderful, devoted volunteers currently working with staff and management, and we are indebted to them for their continued service. We welcome and encourage others to share this caring mission.

Goals for shelter improvement include implementing practices and procedures to increase the shelter’s permanent adoption numbers, introduce improved behavioral assessment techniques and enrichment programs for each individual animal that enters the shelter and work to grow our existing foster family programs. Projects to foster greater comfort for the animals are continuing to move forward, such as improved housekeeping procedures, the completion of the new outdoor kennels project, the placement of ceiling fans in the main dog room and the introduction of the rescue animal MP3 project, featuring soothing music which is being piped into the dog and cat areas, resulting in calmer animals, staff and visitors. In addition, we are now in a better position than ever to start working toward meeting the requirements for a return to the Rescue Waggin program.

Heartland has been blessed with gracious and loyal friends and supporters throughout our 19 years of service. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We are so honored and grateful to receive both financial and moral support from individuals organizations and the devoted participants of our fundraisers and donation drives. Without all of you, we could not have held strong all these years.

Heartland is renewing and rebuilding, and we welcome all those who share in our mission and purpose to journey with us and to keep our “heart” pumping soundly for years to come.

Heartland Humane Society Board of Trustees

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