If people would read about Muslim laws and Sharia law facts, there would be such an uproar we wouldn’t have to worry about them. Australia has done the right thing: If they can’t adhere to Australian laws and cultures, they have to leave that country. That is what we should be doing with anyone that doesn’t conform to the established laws of the U.S.A.

What about the idea of burning the Koran? Do you hear Muslims saying anything when they burn Christian churches? No. They only have laws that apply to their people. What percent of Americans know anything about Sharia law? Doesn’t it make you sick to see a picture of Muslims burying a person half in the ground and throwing stones at them until they have finally killed them?

What bothers me is that our president has sent millions of dollars to them, people who hate us and want to kill us. Remember how they celebrated when the New York trade towers were brought down? We all remember when our president promised: “I will stand with them if the ill winds should blow in their direction.”

Why are we so anxious to build Muslim mosques in our country when they won’t let us build Christian churches in Arabia? There are mosques in New York City, but you won’t find one Christian church in Arabia.

We are experiencing an Islamist culturalist offensive that has as its goal to destroy and do away with our Constitution and form of government. The imam has said that there would be consequences if we don’t let them build the mosque in New York. Is that a threat? Tell them to go to hell and bring our troops home.

You will never stop those tribes and bunches of people from fighting each other until the end of time.

Francis Fye


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