Some things really are simple. Economy is producing goods and realizing a profit. Both parties have aided companies relocating to other countries and now manufacturing runs to the border. Anyone going to Walmart knows what America produces. The mismanagement of Government at all levels is obvious from the president’s budget priority being the masking of debt and failure until after the next election to the Bridge View and The Beach projects losing money yearly (Why refuse one day for the poor kids to swim there). The editorials blasting the congressmen who want to keep their promises are insulting. After all, has it become un-American to keep your word?

Another truth is the more the government involves itself, the worse the problem becomes. The social programming in schools has created less educated students. The empowerment of the mentally ill has created fatal consequences. How hard is it to pass a law to suspend gun ownership of those who have lost reality and have rages? I saw group homes that were successfully providing care lose all therapeutic impact as the mentally ill and mentally handicapped were thrown in with the troubled teenagers. The required issuing of birth control will cost the underprivileged the presence of Catholic hospitals just as the Catholic schools were harassed out. Marriage is lost to lusts. Criminals have more rights than victims. Judges create laws.

So where is hope? The same place it always has been. It's a church that gives away backpacks and school supplies. It is teens going on mission trips to the inner cities to lessen the needs of the millions of unemployed and underemployed. The outreach programs to help those who need help. Do what good you can when you can. Vote for candidates the parties don’t want. Pray and participate.

Tom McInerney


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