Dear Editor,

Winter weather conditions can pose major challenges to our local mail carriers. Wading through deep snow and walking on icy sidewalks to deliver the mail to Ottumwa households is a frequent necessity.

Following the recent snowfalls, in order to clear our street, city snowplows had pushed the drifts five feet away from our mailbox. Access over the hard-packed snow by our mailman was difficult; for us, perilous.

So, on Saturday, I attacked the drifts with my shovel. At age 92, I found the task hard going. About that time, a mail truck pulled up and the carrier got out. He came up to me, took the shovel, and cleared a path to the box. It was an extraordinary act of kindness on his part.

This incident only highlights the beyond-the-call-of-duty efforts of the men and women of our postal arm. We Ottumwans can be grateful for their dedicated service.

Gene W. Glenn, Ottumwa

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