Dear Editor,

Adrian Dickey has our vote for Iowa Senate.

He has the values of this district. He has served his community for years. For 29 years he has been a volunteer firefighter, serving on many non-profit boards and community groups. He is a member of St Mary's Catholic Church in Fairfield. He believes in our Constitution as a document that enshrines our freedoms and rights.

As a business man of a multi-generational business, Dickey Transport, he understands how important it is for our area to have good paying jobs. He will work to be sure small businesses have the tools to recover and prosper from the challenges of this year. Families need to have stability of safe and secure jobs.

He wants our kids back in school. Children and families have suffered. Children learn and succeed best in the school environment. He has worked with his children's school.

Adrian, will defend constitutional carry and expand "Stand Your Ground." He will defend the Second Amendment. He values hard work and will work hard for you in the legislature.

We are voting for Adrian Dickey for Iowa Senate District 41 on Tuesday January 26. Please join us.

Keith and Trudy Caviness, Ottumwa

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