Dear Editor,

I have always been very proud to be an Iowan with regards to all our election safety. I loved how accessible voter registration has been, how votes have been counted, and how safe and secure our elections have been ... until recently. The close, six-vote difference Hart and Miller-Meeks race is a reason for all Iowan’s alarm.

There were 22 legally-cast ballots in the Second Congressional District race that were left uncounted, pure and simple. This has been outlined in the Notice of Contest that Rita Hart filed with the U.S. House of Representatives. These ballots were legally cast curbside ballots, absentee ballots, and provisional ballots from Election Day. These ballots came from Des Moines, Johnson, Marion, Scott, and Wapello counties. They were cast in various ways from various places, yet all 22 votes did not get counted.

This goes beyond oversight and into the alarming territory of malfeasance that I’ve always felt our state should be above — rise above. I admire Hart for asking the US House to intervene and order a full and complete recount of all votes. Counting those 22 votes would put her in the lead by nine votes, but she has requested a complete recount of all votes.

No matter who is elected from our second district, they need to insist on counting all votes, then represent us all fairly. No matter what, this is a close race, pretty much 50-50. To not do a thorough recount of all votes puts a shame on our state I do not want.

Holly Manon Moore, Fairfield

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