Dear Editor,

I just read the letter to the editor written by Reuben Neff. The letter attacks 2nd District candidate Democrat Rita Hart for taking her (so far) 6 vote loss to Marionette Miller-Meeks to the House of Representatives for review than submitting it to Iowa courts for resolution.

Mr. Neff urges the US House of Representatives to reject Ms. Hart's request saying, "For the US House to impose a losing candidate on our congressional district sends a chilling message to voters that their involvement in our election system is only for show and that our voices do not matter."

One does not have to look too far to see the hypocrisy dripping from Mr. Neff's letter. President Trump and his minions have been filing baseless lawsuit after baseless lawsuit in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, and Michigan trying to overturn election results. These lawsuits have largely targeted the votes of African Americans, calling them "illegal" votes. The margins of Trump's defeats in these states run from 12,000 to over 100,000. All of these numbers are much, much larger than 6.

It is certainly Trump's legal right to challenge the totals; it is also perfectly legal for Ms. Hart to appeal her election to the US House.

This really harkens back to the GOP US Senate's decision to refuse to even give a hearing to President Obama's nominee to the US Supreme Court in 2016. They argued that because it was an election year they should wait until after the election to pick a member of the Court. Yet four years later they ignored their own precedent and decided to confirm Amy Barrett to the Supreme Court a week before the election.

There are consequences to taking actions, not because they are right, but because you can.

Steve Siegel, Ottumwa

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