Dear Editor,

It has been known for decades that nutrition and supplements that increase one’s immune status help one resist common respiratory viruses, such as the cold virus. People who are at high risk for COVID complications want to know what they can so to give extra protection, in addition to masking and social distancing. They and others also want to know what to do if they test COVID positive. The good news is that the old immune-boosting things work for COVID.

Good nutrition, which involves eating a balanced diet, which includes many raw fruits and vegetables is critical because these contain immune booting phytochemicals. Because they contain trace minerals and other biochemical goodies not found in ordinary food, taking a daily multivitamin is recommended

Because Vitamin D3 deficiency is associated with increased COVID mortality and supplantation with it has many other unrelated benefits, experts recommend 1,000 to 4,000 units per day.

Vitamin C, which is available in stomach-friendly and long-acting pills, limits the inflammation and tissue damage from COVID. Because it may interact with other medications, especially antibiotics, it must be used only after consent by a physician or health provider.

Zinc, which is available in many multivitamins and as oral lozenges, inhibits COVID and other viral multiplication, and shortens the duration of illness for both COVID and colds.

Shortly, the newly appointed director of CDC, who is a Boston infectious disease physician, will affirm and expand on the above

Dennis L. Wegner, PhD, Ottumwa

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