Dear Editor,

I am writing in support of House Representative Mary Gaskill's record of service to the citizens of House District 81. Mary stands up for this district every time.

During her time in the House she has consistently voted for working families. When Wapello County passed an increased minimum wage, Mary supported it. She opposed corporate interests and a governor and Republican majority who voted against a living wage for working people.

When the Republican majority, fueled by out of state interests and dark money worked to destroy public unions, Mary voted in support of unions and the families they represented.

When Gov. Reynolds and the Republicans worked to privatize healthcare and to deny coverage to those with pre-existing conditions, Mary voted for healthcare coverage for every Iowan. Mary knows how important healthcare is through her husband's illness and that of other family members. She understands that affordable healthcare is the difference between life and death for millions of Iowans.

Mary supports the second amendment and the right of citizens to bear arms. She understands the responsibility that goes with it. She sent her husband, an Iowa State Patrol Trooper for 27 years, to work every day with the knowledge that using his firearm was a last resort but was sometimes necessary to save lives.

Mary supports law enforcement, contrary to her opponent's false claims. She does not favor "defunding" the police. Mary and her family didn't just stand for law and order, they lived it. Every day her husband went to work defending every Iowan, Democrat and Republican alike.

To suggest that Mary is not a law and order candidate is not only false, it is an insult to her dead husband and to her children, who watched their father risk his life every day.

Mary's opponent has spent a lot of time and money making false statements about Mary's record and Mary's positions on issues. Don't be fooled! Mary doesn't have to use those tactics, her record speaks for itself.

If you want good, unbiased government for Wapello County. If you want a representative who stands up for every Iowan, not just those of her party or her base. If you want a representative who has integrity, good character and votes in favor of Iowa values, Christian values and unbiased government, vote for Mary Gaskill for House Representative District 81 on Nov. 3.

Carol White, Ottumwa

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