Dear Editor,

I had the honor of co-hosting a virtual event for Theresa Greenfield, Democratic candidate for the U.S Senate. I was impressed with her genuineness, accessibility, and enthusiasm for the people of Iowa. She entertained tough questions, was thoughtful in her responses, and later sent me a handwritten thank you for bringing friends together so that she could meet them. This stands in stark contrast to Joni Ernst who frequently makes last-minute townhall cancellations, sneaks in and out of town unbeknownst to her constituents until it appears in the paper, and only rarely responds to my personal inquiries, using a standardized email that rarely mentions my concern. It is Joni Ernst’s refusal to engage with Iowans, to engage with me, that propels me to support Theresa Greenfield for the U.S. Senate.

Theresa Greenfield understands that rural Americans have a shorter life expectancy for the first time in history than their urban counterparts. This is wrong. Theresa Greenfield isn’t taking money from corporate PACs like those in the health care or pharmaceutical industry, so she is ready to fight for high-quality, affordable healthcare for all Iowans. Joni Ernst loves her PAC money and has supported huge tax breaks for big pharmaceutical companies.

Theresa Greenfield believes in equality for all Iowans. She will fight for women to have equal opportunities and equal pay for equal work; she believes that the time has come to take concrete actions to address the racial disparities that plague our country; and, she would support legislation like the Equality Act that would prohibit discrimination based on gender identity or sexual orientation. Joni Ernst will not even discuss these issues. Her website is devoid of these topics. Her incendiary comments regarding Black Lives Matter make her wholly unsuitable to represent all Iowans.

Theresa Greenfield also understands the difference between science and quackery. She knows that credible scientists must be transparent in their research, undergo peer-review, and if needed, the results replicated robustly. She acknowledges that the gravity of our climate crisis requires smart, principled leadership. She will support good-paying clean energy jobs and defend our environmental laws. Joni Ernst doesn’t understand science. Look no further than her recent comments regarding the COVID-19 virus and her own admission that she “doesn’t know the science behind climate change.”

I urge you to vote for Theresa Greenfield for U.S. Senate.

Dennis Willhoit, Ottumwa

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