Dear Editor,

A massive greenwashing campaign has begun sewing itself into Iowa’s soil. Navigator and Summit Pipelines, two ‘Carbon Capture and Storage’ (CCS) companies, are in initial stages of gaining permits and easements from landowners.

CCS captures carbon dioxide (CO2) directly from fertilizer, ethanol, or other carbon-emitting plants and then stores it in a geologic reservoir. In theory, this technology sounds like a saving grace to current catastrophic climatic changes, but negatives outweigh the positives.

This technology is not focused on reducing CO2 emissions, but rather elongating the life of the ethanol industry at the farmer’s expense. Both companies argue that these technologies will keep the price of corn high, but this will subsequently impact livestock producers’ ability to afford feed and ultimately impact farmers negatively as our country transitions from biofuels to electric forms of energy.

Funding for the pipelines will come from taxpayer dollars and land needed for them will be from private landowners — often farmers. Irreversible damage to Iowa farmland has already been accrued from the Dakota Access pipeline — these CCS pipelines will be no different.

A meeting for the proposed Navigator pipeline will be held Friday, Dec. 10 at noon at the Bridge View Center.

Claire Carlson, Ottumwa

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