Dear Editor,

Senators Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst, and all of our Iowa representatives to Congress both Republican and Democrat, should be commended on doing their duty and voting to accept the votes of our Electoral College. Those senators and representatives that failed to do so have disgraced themselves and their states.

Never before in our history has a Presidential candidate so disgraced himself as to make false, unproven claims of the legitimacy of our electoral system. Never before in our history has a President stood before a crowd of demonstrators and urged them to try to stop Congress from doing their Constitutional duty. Hopefully, our nation can recover from this attack against our country. Democracy only works if people are willing to accept losing an election.

As a side note, maybe we need to make what used to be called “Civics,” a required course for seniors in high school. I think that some of the demonstrators in Washington in all honesty did not realize that what they were calling on Vice President Mke Pence and Congress to do was unconstitutional.

Michele Weber, Ottumwa

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