Dear Editor,

What is happening to our country? It didn't have to be like this. Over 200,000 Americans dead, millions out of work, thousands of small businesses closed. What happened?

Here's what happened: We elected a President who is more interested in riches for himself, his family, and his friends, than he is in the good of the American people. More interested in being re-elected than in leading. The pandemic could have been controlled in January or February with competent leadership. Instead, people are dying.

Why don't Republicans such as Joni Ernst in the Senate speak out? Why does she turn her back on Iowans while they die of the virus? Instead, she tries to push herself onto the national stage. Why does she want to take away insurance from people with pre-existing conditions during a pandemic? Is it because she is more interested in feeding at the federal trough than in serving the people of Iowa?

Why isn't Miller-Meeks speaking out as she runs for Congress for the umpteenth time? Why doesn't she speak up about the coronavirus instead of making it harder for Iowans to vote? Raw ambition? Lust for power?

If these people had acted responsibly, right now we could all be enjoying ball games, movies, family reunions, restaurants, school activities, and spending time with family and friends. Instead, we are, or should be, sheltering in our homes because of this deadly, out-of-control virus. That's why I'm voting for Joe Biden for President, Theresa Greenfield for U.S. Senate, and Rita Hart for Congress. They care about people. They will get our lives back to normal.


Thomas Stewart, Ottumwa

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