Dear Editor,

This letter is in support of Rick Johnson for mayor of Ottumwa.

Rick Johnson is an Ottumwan. He graduated from high school and college here. He knows Ottumwa and will do what’s best for all Ottumwans.

Rick Johnson is a proven administrator. He successfully grew the Health Center to be the fourth largest in Iowa with over 200 employees and ten locations. He knows how to create success.

He can hit the ground running. He has many years of experience in working with federal, state, county, & city policies and regulations; budgets and financial management; plus collective bargaining rules & contract negotiations.

Rick Johnson will be mayor for all of the people of Ottumwa, not just as a slogan but in practice.

Rick Johnson is a good man, a father and grandfather, with an open mind, good judgment, and a public spirit. I think he will be one of the best mayors Ottumwa has ever had.

Tom Stewart, Ottumwa

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