Dear Editor,

Ottumwa trash pick up contract. This appears to be up for bid. Urbandale outfit is low bid between them and Bridge City Sanitation.

I've lived here almost 40 years and have found that low bid is not always best choice. Bridge City Sanitation has been at it for a while. Sure you'll have complaints now and then but that is to be the norm. I am sure this out of town Urbandale outfit is no exception.

We know what we are getting with current Bridge City company. There is a history and a communication established over the years that each is familiar with. With a new outfit, we don't know what to expect or how things may go.

Ottumwa does not have a good track record going with low bid on community projects like the Market Street Bridge, a never ending project. They claimed river levels were to blame and bad weather. Those of us that saw this job on a daily basis found this to be bull. East Main Street project — seems job is only finished after needing to cut into freshly paved street to correct something in several areas. Round about on Richmond: forgot to put in drain, thus delaying finishing. Let's not forget the St. Joseph Hospital (Blackbird) outfit, which is a real black eye for community.

Case in point, go with what we know on this trash pick up contract and keep it local.

Warren Douglas, Ottumwa

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