Dear Editor,

Kudos to Mr. Greg Kenning!

His letter published Sept. 19 was spot on! Logical and to the point he was able to drive home the necessity of masks during the time of this pandemic.

My son, a former medic in the army, has more than once reminded me of the need to mask up, sanitize, social distance, and avoid large crowds. He has been highly trained in this area and I put my faith in his training and experience.

Tragically, there are still those who ignore the facts and follow the cult of personality that has hijacked our society. A few days ago, I spoke to a gentleman in a coffee shop that was without a mask. I assumed that he may have just forgotten it. On the contrary, he proceeded to lecture me on the uselessness of masks and how he avoided licking doorknobs which would keep him safe. I considered him to be somewhat intelligent until I heard this reasoning.

Sadly enough, this person is a veteran, who will still have my respect and thanks. For Greg Kenning, also a vet and continually serving our country and community, nice job! You are still a role model for me!

Don Hansen, Ottumwa

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