Dear Editor,

Let's stop playing hide and seek and elect a candidate who shows up, stands up and supports working families in Iowa. Iowans of the 2nd congressional district are faced with a decision that will have profound implications for our daily lives and which will impact generations for decades to come.

The decision is clear. Second district voters can vote for Rita Hart, a former state senator, educator, farm wife, and mother who has a long history of representing all Iowans, not only those of a single party.

Or they can vote for her opponent, a politician with a national reputation for refusing to answer questions, state her positions on issues, or to show up for fair and objectively conducted forums and debates. Mariannette Miller-Meeks doesn't want you to know who she is under after you have cast your ballot when it is too late. Desperate to win, she routinely ducks and dodges giving non-answers to questions if she shows up at all to address constituent's questions.

Her track record speaks for itself.

Rita Hart promises to tackle corruption by banning members of Congress from becoming lobbyists, cracking down on insider trading and passing finance reform.

She promises to protect coverage for Iowans with preexisting conditions and lower prescription drug costs by letting Medicare negotiate better prices.

Rita Hart is committed to investing in schools, skills-training and to support the small businesses so we can bring back jobs and build up our rural communities.

Constance Johnson, Ottumwa

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