Dear Editor,

I thought schools were to be free from religion. I thought libraries were a place that simply had a wide range of books that contained various topics without pushing any specific agenda.

When a school teaches that evolution is our factual genesis, that is called Humanism. Humanism is a system of beliefs that emphasize the human over any possible divine. When man is center of thought and maintained as preeminent, we have a religion and it is being taught in the local science class. Since evolution is a theory unproven (and not able to be proven), should not the 'unproven theory' of creation be placed a long side of evolution without encouraging either one and leaving the true teaching of our human beginnings to the parents?

Of course, that was in a day when the parents were the boss of their children. Concerning the public library, whatever happened to strolling through the children's section to see little fairy tale-type books, "Three Little Pigs" and other just simple, non-agenda pushing books? Now stroll through the Ottumwa Public Library in the children's department to see multiple books like — I will only name one — "Growing Up Trans." I am 50 years old, and may I say that the only child that would even know what this book was all about is a child raised up by an agenda-pushing parent.

Give a boy a truck or a gun and give a girl a little doll with a bottle, and they are naturally thrilled. By the way, what was just stated is not an agenda to make boys masculine and girls feminine. It is just a fact of life and the way it was set up from the beginning. There is and always has been, and always will be, a difference between a male and a female. I am thankful for every difference.

If I had school-aged children at home, I would not be sending them to any public school, nor will I be walking hand-in-hand with my grandchildren through our own agenda-promoting public library. It is sad that "childhood" is literally being stolen from so many precious children today. I encourage parents to take a stand and speak up!

Matt Pringle, Ottumwa

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