Dear Editor,

I have nothing but fond memories growing up with Douglas McAntire. I know Doug will make a fine city councilman. Doug will always put the city of Ottumwa first. Ottumwa has always been his first love. Doug has always worked hard for what he is and what he has. Doug has the same work ethic of every Ottumwan; Doug is Ottumwa!

I first met Doug in eighth grade and noticed he would always be kind to others giving them a big smile. I saw Doug a few weeks ago and I received the same caring smile and hug. The first thing Doug did was ask me was what was going on in my life and my family. I have too many stories to mention but every time we see each other we reminisce and have a good time.

Doug did not grow up with an easy life, but he will tell you he grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth because he had the privilege of growing up in Ottumwa. Doug was 2nd Team All-State running back for the Bulldogs in 1980. He didn’t become great as a senior; Doug became great by working hard and building himself like Ottumwans do.

Doug has coached youth football for decades, giving guidance to young people on and off the field. You can now see Doug on the sidelines of the Ottumwa Bulldogs. The pride he shows for Ottumwa cannot be matched be any other candidate because Doug has displayed his Ottumwa pride for 59 years. Doug has displayed his pride for his school, his country, and the community he loves. Douglas McAntire’s Ottumwa pride will make Ottumwa proud!

Doug and his wife Martha own Martha’s Nook & Cranny which is located in downtown Ottumwa. Doug served in the United States Army and now he wants to serve Ottumwa. I am proud to know Doug McAntire and I know he will always be there to serve the community. Please vote for Douglas McAntire on Nov. 2.

Michael Middleton, Phoenix, Arizona, formerly of Ottumwa

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