To the Iowa news media:

Candidates for state and federal offices are declaring for the 2022 elections. They’re already campaigning. You’ll soon have opportunities to question them.

For the sake of democracy, do your homework. Seek any public statements these politicians have made regarding the 2020 presidential election.

Then ask them these questions first:

Was the 2020 presidential election fair and free?

Is Joe Biden the legitimate president?

The only acceptable answer to these questions is “yes.” If candidates say no, if they waffle or make unsubstantiated claims, end the interview. Deny them a spot in your candidate forums. Refuse them any ink or airtime.

And merely saying “Joe Biden is president. It doesn’t matter what I think,” as some elected officials have, isn’t enough. What they think does matter. If they aren’t willing to publicly refute these illegitimate claims of fraud, they are enabling those who make them.

Because these are the issues that matter. If a candidate is willing to give credibility to lies, undermining the integrity of the vote – our democracy’s foundation – their ideas and positions are irrelevant.

Thomas O’Donnell, Keosauqua

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