Dear Editor,

I am writing to urge my fellow Ottumwans to vote for Rick Johnson for Mayor on November 2. I have known Rick for almost 40 years. He was an Area Administrator for the Iowa Department of Human Services while I worked there.

Rick was an excellent administrator to work for. One story illustrates this. We had a Social Worker who was being investigated for allegedly abusing a child. The child's mother was complaining and DHS administration from top to bottom was running scared.

This parent had zero credibility, yet the administrators in Ottumwa and Des Moines were ready to throw this social worker to the wolves, even though he had done nothing wrong. Those of us in the union were working hard to save our co-worker's job with no support from management, except from Rick Johnson.

Rick was the only administrator who showed any spine and spoke up for our social worker. In the end, his job was saved, largely because of the work of Rick Johnson.

I was also active in the birth of River Hills Community Health Center. Our first several CEO's were not very effective and we were in danger of losing the health center. After hiring Rick, things turned around very quickly and Rick built River Hills into the powerhouse it is today.


Steve Siegel, Ottumwa

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