I see that Matt Pringle wants to be a city councilman. You don't know anything about Pringle? I can tell you about him! I have known Matt and Tori since they were kids. I have known their kids since they were kids.

I know their parents. There isn't a finer group of people anywhere. The entire family can be correctly described as the salt of the earth.

As for Matt, he is totally one hundred percent honest. He would not stretch nor bend the truth for any reason. Neither would he attempt to deceive you with half truths. You can depend on his word. He will not make unkeepable promises.

Matt is very smart. Not only is he good with textbooks, he is adept at defining problems and solutions. He did so well in his college that upon graduation the college hired him to teach.

No worries about electing Matt and then learning something that would have been a deal killer had you previously known. There are, nor will there be, any scandals associated with Matt Pringle.

Respectfully submitted,

Paul Halferty, Ottumwa

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