Dear Editor,

I do not think it is appropriate for a member of the United States Senate to blatantly ask to be put on the record, and in no uncertain terms categorically assure their constituents that Supreme Court Nominations would not be considered during an election year, only to change their tune once the shoe is on the other foot. In Iowa we have a word for folks like that, we call them liars.

There was a time in this country when the average person could reasonably expect that when the chips are down, our representatives would side with the American people over the President, and side with decency over party. That time, apparently, has passed us by, leaving our great nation, a lot worse off, and a lot less American.

The world used to look to the United States as a beacon of morality and stability, but no longer. We have become a laughingstock, and it is due to the actions of our representatives. Actions such as those taken by Sen. Joni Ernst. The American people have a long memory, and we will not forget the names of these senators or those of their most ardent supporters. We know what they have taken from us, and we will remember.

Justin Miller, Albia

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