God and the Devil were talking the other day

To see what each other might have to say.

God said, "I just don't understand

What's gone wrong with the family of man.

I gave them brains to think for themselves,

But they've turned it over to somebody else.

The way they act defies all logic

And it's turning into something really tragic."

Satan said, "I've got to say I'm doing quite well.

It's getting all booked up down here in hell

And I can just sit back and take it easy.

I've got somebody to do my work for me

And I owe it all to you know who.

Some people even think that he is you."

God said, "I don't understand how that could be

I gave them ears to hear and eyes to see.

For someone to lead them all astray

They must have forgot how to pray.

Their way of thinking has gotten off track

I must find some ways to get them back.

Satan said, "Well you can give it a try

But you know who will say its a lie

And all the bad things are not his fault.

Man, that guy has got a lot of gall.

Everything for him is never enough

And he has minions to back him up."

For this story to have a happy ending

We have to share the love he has been sending.

This story can end on a happy note

If we all make sure to vote!

Robert Forsythe, Bloomfield

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