Dear Editor,

Please vote for Mary Stewart, who is the Democratic candidate for District 41 State Senator in the special election to be held Tuesday, Jan. 26. Mary Stewart not only is a leader and listener, she understands the need for civil discourse with her Republican opponent.

However, the Republican candidate has refused to meet for any town hall meetings, League of Women Voters organized forums, and other non-partisan events in our four-county area. All he has accomplished is to run a distasteful and ridiculous negative commercial that speaks to nothing.

So what happens when there is no desire for a candidate to meet with his opponent, Mary Stewart, to discuss issues? The organizations planning these online events are canceling them. Is this what responsible voters in the four counties want in a representative? Someone who remains silent? Indeed, we don't!

Mary Stewart has accepted every invitation to meet with people and organizations in our four counties. She cares and she comes to meet with you to learn from you.

Also, remember the Republican party did not even develop a 2020 party platform. The last time this was accomplished, and the only platform they will accept, is the one from 2016. So, how can a person even know this Republican candidate will advocate or believe in?

The Democratic Party has developed county party platforms at the local level, which develop district and state party platforms and eventually become the National Democratic Party Platform of 2020. It all begins locally with what our concerns are as citizens.

What this says to me is, if there is no voice then there is no vision from a candidate that does not care what we the citizens in these four counties need. Please vote for a wonderful listener, leader and communicator: Democratic candidate Mary Stewart.

Miriam Jones Kenning, Ottumwa

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