Dear Editor,

Watching TV over the weekend, I was disappointed to see an ad for Iowa Senate candidate for District 41, Adrian Dickey, which painted his opponent, Mary Stewart, in a dark and negative light, falsely claiming that she wants to raise taxes for working Iowa families, reduce take-home pay, shut down businesses and schools, among other fabrications, and even saying that when Mary is around, “We better keep both hands on our wallets.” None of this is true.

To those who don’t know the real Mary, her personal story is inspiring. She was born and raised in southeast Iowa. On her own at an early age, she worked hard and took advantage of a program that helped her earn a college degree. She was later a counselor for that same program, helping students like her gain the skills needed for a productive career. Anyone who knows Mary knows that she is a hard worker who gets things done.

If Mr. Dickey really wants to know where Mary stands on issues, I suggest he face her in the forum they were both invited to attend. Mary accepted the invitation. Mr. Dickey did not. That is his right. However, it is his responsibility to be honest about her record. Furthermore, he should be telling us where he stands on issues important to southeast Iowans. He refused.

Mary’s ads are all positive, just as she is, explaining why we should vote for her. Thank you, Mary Stewart, for keeping your side of the discourse positive and issue-based.

I urge everyone in District 41 who cares about issues like funding public education at all levels, developing a statewide and regional approach to end the pandemic, fixing the problems with Medicaid, supporting Iowa’s rural communities, and the truth to vote for Mary Stewart in the special election on Tuesday, Jan. 26.

Kris Moore, Ottumwa

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