Thanks for realistic perspective

Dear Editor,

We read the column by Kathryn J. Lopez, [“Let us face it, we are a nation grieving,” Viewpoints A6, Aug. 25]. Thank you for printing someone’s perspective that has a more realistic slant to what is happening in our country.

Ms. Lopez’s support for American values is greatly appreciated. Rather than blame our President and current leaders, she makes constructive comments about “left-oriented” decisions and behavior that lack moral sense or consistency. She points out that there is “so much that is sick in America that has nothing to do with Donald Trump.”

We’d agree that President Donald Trump is not the crux of our problems, but he has become the scapegoat. Problems begin in the “hearts and minds” of individuals. All of us harbor the potential for sickness and brokenness in our nature. Only a respect for the God-given laws used in formulating the foundation of this country can help us regain our balance. An initial step is to review The Ten Commandments and practice them! (Exodus, chapter 20)

We are weary of hearing only complaints and criticism of our current leaders, for example, Gov. Kim Reynolds and President Trump, who are targeted daily by most media modes. News articles that slant blame upon them and cast negativity is not “fair and balanced” and doesn’t represent quality journalism.

Courier staff, please continue to share content that reflects the efforts and decisions by our elected officials who are striving to keep America free, safe, economically sound and operating within the bounds of our Constitutional rights. We don’t need to undermine our government and the American way of life, by any mode of media news. That practice only reinforces destructive thinking in the minds of our citizens.

The efforts of Courier staff to keep news in front of the public and present balanced opinions will be most appreciated. Let’s also thank all of our local, state and national leaders, along with those providing law enforcement, medical care and crisis intervention on behalf of all citizens and our country.

For folks who are unhappy with America, why don’t you choose another country in which to live and see if it offers something better?

Roger and Marilynn Russ, Ottumwa

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