Dear Editor,

Those great governing Ottumwa intellects finally pacified that special interest group of 20-30 people who chose to live upstairs in our downtown business district, complaining about train noises.

This so-called “noise pollution” problem was resolved by forbidding train horns to whistle while passing through this area.

Do any of these officials know that there is continual “noise pollution” in all of Ottumwa, 24/7, 365 days yearly? Some of the noises coming from these motorcycles, old pickup trucks and muffer-less autos sounds like a terrible explosion is imminent. So many of these units are not even safe on our roadways. Do you have any concerns about public safety and “noise pollution” in all of Ottumwa?

After all, your police chief has the authority to conduct vehicle inspections to address this vehicle “noise pollution” as well as getting these unsafe units off the roadways. Would you at least like to be re-assured that your exterior lightbulbs are lit properly? How else do you know unless the lights are inspected by others?

It appears the audiologists are very much aware of this “noise pollution” as they are continuously blitzing us through the news media and direct mailings to address our hearing problems.

Proper public safety and noise abatement laws and ordinances are on file as public records — but it appears again that the word “enforcement” falls on deaf ears. The citizens of this American city deserve tranquility! Just do your job and enforce the laws and ordinances.

Varrell Fullmer, Ottumwa

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