Dear Donald, I’m just a mere woman so of course I sometimes need things explained to me. To begin, why do you continually lie about almost everything, when many times the truth would serve you better? Is it that you’re employing a tactic used by Adolph Hitler, who said “Choose a lie, keep it simple and keep repeating it, and eventually it will be believed.” Do you know the human brain, if even for a split second, must accept every statement as true in order to understand it, and the constant need to sift through lies leads to a kind of exhaustion and eventual acceptance of some of the propaganda?

Why are you hysterically squirming, lawyering up and pointing fingers every which way concerning the Russian investigation? Why not let the process play out and if there’s nothing to hide, you’re off the hook?

Why, rather than building coalitions domestically and abroad with people and governments do you instead name call, flamethrow and destroy diplomatic relations with members of Congress and other countries, even our allies?

Have you considered seeing a psychiatrist?

Are you aware you exhibit all the symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder? To name a few: a lack of empathy, an obsessive need for admiration and praise, a need to win at any cost, and exaggerating talents and achievements? Is that why you try to surround yourself with mini-mes in Congress and your cabinet? Is your ultimate goal not leader of the free world but dictator of the planet?

Why do you allow your intense envy and hatred for former President Barack Obama to make dismantling his legacy your apparent priority over carrying out your duties to lead for the good of all citizens?

Does the fact you dodged the draft five times during the Vietnam era cause you to overcompensate by surrounding yourself with former generals and, ignorant of the horrors of war, threaten nuclear Armageddon with North Korea as a show of pseudo-courage?

Many inquiring minds want to know, Donald, what is going on in your orange head? I will be anxiously awaiting (but not holding my breath for) an honest answer.

Barb Pauls


As the gubernatorial election approaches, I write in support of Iowa Democratic State Senator Nate Boulton for Iowa governor. Nate is the son of a union plant worker and is helping in the fight for workers’ rights and enhancing Iowans’ quality of life. As Iowa governor, Nate Boulton will support protecting the bargaining rights of Iowa workers and compensating injured workers. In contrast to the Iowa legislative Republican majority, and governors Branstand and Reynolds, who led an agenda that gutted collective bargaining, limited funding for those who are injured in jobs, gave large handouts to corporate and special interests and underfunded our schools.

As a labor rights attorney, Boulton led and won lawsuits that protected workers’ rights against measures of the Branstad-Reynolds administration. In the last legislative session, Boulton became the face of resistance against efforts to curtail public workers’ collective bargaining rights. He is a positive force in making the Iowa economy stronger and one that works. He is endorsed by 30 labor unions, including 10 statewide, that includes AFSCME, Iowa United Steelworkers, Great Plains Laborers’ District Council, Iowa Professional Fire Fighters, District COuncil 81 of Painters and Allied Trades, Iowa Building Trades, Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Local 3, IBEW, Iowa Teamsters, UFCW, and the Iowa State Association of Letter Carriers.

As governor, Nate Boulton will see the measures curtailing collective bargaining rights for public employees, advocate for workers’ rights, enhance the quality of life in Iowa and secure its economy for at least the next 20 years.

Constance Johnson


Officeholders from local to federal have only two answers for any problem that arises. Throw money and or people at the problem knowing it will be solved. The truth is the problem has now doubled. Three more police and firemen will be hired to slow the crime down. We were told the cameras placed atop the buildings downtown would solve many of those problems. It didn’t. Nor will the hiring of additional cops. What will occur the tax rates will rise along with the crime. View it this way. The doctor tells you to double the pain medicine as the pain increases. Another doctor suggests finding the cause of that pain. What works best in slowing crime is enforcement of all laws, primarily simple traffic laws. The city of New York for 90 days put most officers in uniform writing tickets and serving warrants. Crime dropped 30 percent. You can put a cop on all corners and crime will not stop. Elected people should study a problem, seek other solutions, read, listen before casting a vote. I agree, it stresses the mind to think. It is much easier to throw money at what seems to be a problem. For the record those people crossing our borders are not immigrants they are invaders. Immigrants come by invitation and not sneaking across borders. Hoover, Truman and Eisnhower deported the illegals from this country. Quite simple enforcing the laws. You are here illegally, leave or you will be caught, fined and deported and you will never be accepted. One thing was certain they did not protest our laws with marches and rallies. Stupidity is a very high price and comes with many problems. I know I have paid it.

Max Hulen


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