I'm a local pilot from Bloomfield . For the past two years I have helped organize a formation flying clinic at the Ottumwa Regional Airport. Pilots from all over the midwest (Missouri, Kansas, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Nebraska and even as far as North Carolina) have flown in for this event.

Steve Black and his crew have always provided us with a professional and friendly facility to host this fly-inn. His family operated business and friendly line personnel are a great representation of Ottumwa and that home town friendly atmosphere the midwest is know for.

I have had the privilege of flying all over the country visiting small airports like Ottumwa Regional Airport. Some have just a dirty old building with no one around. Others like Ottumwa Regional are staffed 7 days a week. With a friendly smile and a helpful hand there when you need it.

Steve and OFS have also given me the opportunity to fulfill a dream of mine. And that as a "Commercial Multiengine" rated pilot is to fly "Part 135 Charter".

Ottumwa Flying Service's charter option gives business and private individuals the opportunity to fly right here in Ottumwa to anywhere in the US directly. What a vital option for people in this community!

I look forward to what is in store for Ottumwa Flying Service and the opportunities they provide to our community.

Matt Mullahy