I no longer am a pilot due to health concerns, but learned to fly at OFS. I was privileged to use the services of OFS for about twenty years, and we hangared a plane there for about ten years. I have nothing bad to say about OFS and plenty good. They never disappointed me. I have seen Steve Black and his employees acting as wonderful ambassadors to many people for whom OFS was their first Ottumwa contact.

I was, therefore, interested in the article in the Jan. 13 issue of The Ottumwa Courier regarding the FBO contract. About half of this article was based on a report from an OFS former employee who doesn't know if it is within city policy for OFS to have a firearm in their office. If that employee would read Iowa law on firearms he would learn that local governments can't impose laws stricter than the state's laws. If this person is afraid that Steve may shoot him, he should be telling the county sheriff instead of the general public. If he continues to be concerned about his safety, there are four airports within twenty five miles of here who would love to have his business.

I was just as surprised to learn that the secret service is afraid of Steve Black. If they were concerned about their safety, they did just what they should, they went elsewhere.

As a closing thought, a few years ago we drove into our driveway, not that far from Ottumwa Airport, and a sheriff deputy immediately followed us in and started apologizing for taking twenty five minutes to get here after our burglar alarm dialed the sheriff. They can't be everywhere at he same time. So I can understand why Steve would have a gun.

As Ottumwa businesses now have a contest to see who can get out of town the fastest, it seems to me that a business with a positive track record of operating a FBO is the best choice to keep that contract.

Paul Halferty