Why is it that we who smoke have lost our right to smoke in the bars? I understand not smoking in a restaurant or the movies, doctors’ offices, stores, state buildings, hospitals, around babies — that only makes sense. We have all been told by a doctor one time or another we should quit smoking. But to tell us we can’t smoke in a bar ... come on, I think that is just pushing it a little too far.

We choose to smoke, just as the non-smokers choose not to smoke. If the non-smokers don’t want to go to a bar where people smoke, then open a non-smoking bar; then everyone would be happy.

I thought we lived in the USA where we had rights. I like to go the bars and meet friends there, play pool, go dancing, have a drink, smoke a cigarette at the same time. Now we have to go outside to smoke, leaving our drink where someone could put something in it that could harm us. But no one thinks about that kind of danger.

Are we slowly losing our rights in the USA? What will [be] the next thing that we will be told we can’t do? Will we be told who to vote for? I would like to hear others’ opinions. Maybe if there is enough of us out there we can try to change the law.

But if you don’t speak up, no one will hear what you have to say.

Vicki Linderman


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