The wind did blow

and the snow did fall.

The sky turned dark,

We could see nothing at all!

The lights went out,

and the TV, too.

How long will it last

with nothing to do?

Two days without power,

the rooms were cold.

No way to cook meals.

Boy! That's getting old.

Night time came and

I couldn't see,

my hand right there

in front of me.

I picked up my yarn

and by candlelight,

I tried to knit

on that very dark night.

How many times

in and out of a room,

did I try the lights

to brighten the gloom?

How did they do it

so long ago?

No computer, no TV,

no electricity, you know,

Just two long days

and that was enough,

to show me I'm modern

and not pioneer tough.

Sandra Kendall