Investigate before you legislate is the first step in attempting to enact a new law. It is costly and lengthy; requires much research. First question — will it serve or hinder? Can it be enforced, and is it legal? Because a law is put into effect does not mean it is legal. Would this law violate constitutional laws? It is best to get the ruling before you attempt to pass it. Many times with ruling, it is overturned. Laws do not make a safe and sane society. Crime does not create laws, laws create the crimes. I’m not writing of the major felonies, but mostly torts and civil wrongs.

Over 3 million laws exist in this country, and we have the highest crime rate in the world, with more prisons and people in them than any other nation. You do not need to be a genius to know why. A government that rules least rules best.

I got a letter from Emma back at the falls telling me she had attended another council meeting. She writes those people have forgotten they were elected to serve ... not rule.

And to be elected does not raise the IQ level. Councilman Canker and council person Dillwiddy needs to recall both. When they look in the mirrors they see the answer to all problems. Look closer and learn they are the problems. Canker would fight with anyone and is the least armed. In a duel he would lose, for his epee is blunted.

Max Hulen


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