Mercedes Coram

School: Ottumwa.

Class: Senior.

Sport: Volleyball:

Other activities: Tennis, synchronized swimming and choir.

Parents: Brenda and Charles Coram.

Favorite television show: Grey’s Anatomy.

Favorite actress: Ellen Pompeo.

Favorite professional team: New England Patriots.

Favorite college team: Iowa Hawkeyes.

Favorite athlete: Shawn Johnson.

Favorite food: Sushi.

Favorite restaurant: Shokai.

Favorite vacation spot: Aruba.

Biggest academic accomplishment: Making it on to the A-B honor roll.

Biggest influence: My grandma.

When did you first get interested in volleyball: I started out playing for traveling team out of Des Moines.

What do you like most about volleyball: Our team. We have really good people in our group.

What do you do to get ready to play: I usually take a nap before each match.

Personal goals: Make it to the state volleyball tournament.

Future plans: I’m going to be a cheerleader in college and I’m going to major in nursing either at St. Ambrose or Mount Mercy.


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