CEDAR RAPIDS — The tennis season started off in a good way for Ottumwa girls tennis coach Emily Renner and her Bulldogs.

The Bulldogs traveled to the Cedar Rapids Kennedy Invite Saturday afternoon and quickly realized their potential.

“All the girls were positive throughout the day,” said Renner. “In a nutshell, it was a huge confidence boost for us.”

The Bulldogs earned second place with 25 points behind only Kennedy, who edged the Bulldogs with 35 points.

Every girl on the squad returned to Wapello County with a trophy in singles play — five with second-place trophies and one with a third-place trophy.

The doubles teams of Jenna Burke and Missy Staloch, as well as the team of Julie Hemming and Mahala McDaniel, earned second-place finishes in the doubles competition. Mary Paluska and Ashley Salgado finished third as a team.

““It was kind of a big deal to go out on the court and play well against Decorah,” said Renner. “We match up well against them.”

The Bulldogs will get another chance to beat Cedar Rapids Kennedy next weekend when they travel to the Waterloo Columbus Invite.

“Next weekend we’ll know what were up against,” said Renner. “We’re hoping to focus on our struggles.” 

Cedar Rapids Kennedy Invite

at Cedar Rapids

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Team Scores — 1. Cedar Rapids Kennedy 35, 2. Ottumwa 25, 3. Decorah 21, 4. Waterloo West 7.


No. 1 — Mary Paluska (O) finished third; tied Ashlyn Christenson (WLW) 4-4; Paluska lost to Jackie Paderson (CK) 0-8; Paluska lost to Logan Thompson (D) 3-7.

No. 2 — Ashley Salgado (O) finished second; def. Kelsey Anderson (WL) 5-3; Salgado (O) lost to Sarah Lasecki (CR) 3-5; Salgado (O) def. Tori Dahlen (D) 6-2.

No. 3 — Mahala McDanel (O) finished second; def. Merima Bacevac (W) 7-1; McDanel lost to Tricia Hinke (CR) 0-8; McDanel (O) def. Katrina Shindel (D) 7-1.

No. 4 — Missy Staloch (O) finished second; def. Sadie Voigt (W) 5-3; Staloch (O) lost to Laura Bonish (CK) 3-5; Staloch def. Kristen Malaughy (D) 6-2.

No. 5 — Julie Hemmings (O) finished second; def. Kristen Bastug (W) 7-1; Hemmings (O) lost to Christina Gaettel (CK) 1-7; Hemmings (O) tied Kylie Kruse (D) 4-4.

No. 6 — Jenna Burke (O) finished second; def. Katie Shirley (W) 5-3; Burke (O) lost to Haley BrightWell (CK) 7-1; Burke (O) def. Megan VanDelune (D) 5-3.


No. 1 — Salgado/Paluska (O) finished third; lost Christensen/Bacevac (W) 4-8; Salgado/Paluska lost to Paderson/Hinke (CK) 1-11; Salgado/Paluska (O) split Thompson/Tory Daland 6-6.

No. 2 — McDanel/Hemming (O) finished second; def. Anderson/Voight (W) 9-3; McDanel/Hemming (O) Lasecki/Boneish lost 2-10; McDanel/Hemming def. Schendler/Kruse (D) 7-5.

No. 3 — Staloch/Burke (O) finished second; lost to Bastug/Surely (W) 5-7; Staloch/Burke lost to Slater/Goedell (CK) 2-10; Staloch/Burke def. Maliaughy/Zangelnee 7-5 (D).



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