OTTUMWA — For the second straight weekend, both the Cardinal and Eddyville-Blakesburg-Fremont archery programs competed in two seperate tournaments.

EBF finished as the runner-up team in 3D archery on both the elementary, middle school and high school levels at the Cedar Rapids Prairie Tournament before producing the top 3D score among high school teams at North Mahaska. Cardinal, meanwhile, finished first in 3D archery at North Mahaska among elementary and middle school teams.

Ottumwa also competed at North Mahaska. Liberty Elementary (2,480 and 1,229) and Evans Middle School (3,099 and 1,514) both placed third overall in block competition and fourth in 3D archery. The Ottumwa High School archers placed second in both block (3,244) and 3D (1,660) competitions.

Both Jeff Shauman (291) and Hunter Seals (287) received first-place trophies competing in block competition after producing the top two individual scores for OHS. Third-place trophies were also earned by Horace Mann archer Alyssa Adams (248), Evans archer Aaron Reyman (280) and Schlechter who posted a score of 277 for the Bulldog high school team.

Shauman added another first-place trophy in 3D archery at North Mahaska, securing 21 targets in the 10-range on the way to a 285 for the Bulldogs. Seals was second with a 285 score of his own, matched by Pierson who had 17 shots of 10.

Carter Eaton earned a second-place trophy for Liberty Elementary, finishing second in 3D archery with a score of 241. Heaven Colyer placed third, earning hardware at North Mahaska with a score of 239.

Both EBF and Cardinal will be in Ottumwa this weekend competing in the Southeast Iowa Winter Games with 396 total archers competing throughout the day in block targets and 390 competing in 3-D target competition, including 88 archers from Ottumwa. Action gets underway at Evans Middle School Gymnasium starting at 8 a.m.

During the tournament, Ottumwa will honor five graduating seniors including four that have earned academic archer status by maintaining a 2.5 GPA or higher. The Ottumwa archery seniors to be honored will be Melanie Fischer, Monserrat Guerrero-Chapula, Thatcher Pierson, Jason Rukgaber and Michaela-Ann Schlechter.

Competing for the Rocket archery team this past weekend, David Poe placed first among middle school boys at Cedar Rapids Prairie in block target competition with a score of 285. Chloe Lyon, who placed second among middle school girls in block targets with a score of 278, finished first in the same division in 3D archery scoring 288 helping lead the Rockets to a team score of 1,541.

Ryder Roberts produced the top score among elementary boys in 3D archery with a 257, helping the Rockets rack up a runner-up finish with a team score of 1,372. Lylah Houk was second among elementary girls in 3D archery with a score of 242 while Weston Ratliff was fourth among elementary boys in both 3D (242) and block (249) competitions.

Dillon O’Brien finished third among high school boys for EBF with a score of 286 in 3D archery, helping the Rockets finish with a team score of 1,671. Sophie Venator was third among high school girls with a 287 in the 3D shoot, just ahead of teammate Kaylie Lyon who placed fourth with a 286 score.

The Cardinal elementary archers were led by a first-place showing in 3D archery from Gavin Rupe with a 236 and a second-place showing by Peyton Rump with a 210. Paiden Rupe led the Comet middle school team, taking first place in block archery with a score of 286. Autumn Sertterh placed fourth, shooting a 271 and Heidi Wemmie took fifth place with a score of 265.

Dylan Telfer took seventh place for Cardinal High School with a 271 in block competition. Cameron Wheaton shot a 261.

At North Mahsaka, the Comets were led to the top elementary team score in 3D competiton by a second-place finish from Kenna Kirkpatrick with a score of 239. Elleigl Spurgeon was fourth with a score of 236 and Rump placed seventh with a score of 210.

Montana Rupe placed second with a 288 to lead the Cardinal middle school archery team. Paiden Rupe placed third with a 279.

Autumn Sertterh also got a second-place medal for a score of 280. Paityn Carnes placed third with a 272.

Cardinal High School placed third as a team at North Mahaska’s tournament. Telfer shot a 275 for sixth place, Kristian Sanders placed seventh with a 275, Montana Rupe scored a 272 for ninth place and Jacob Stitles placed 10th with a 271.

In block target competition at North Mahaska, both the Cardinal middle school and high school teams placed first while the elementary squad finished second. Among the top-10 elementary archers for the Comets including Jarvis placing sixth with a 239, Riley Ragen placing seventh with a 237 and Sawyer Goehring shooting a 236 for ninth place.

Paiden Rupe took home first-place honors with a 282 for the Cardinal middle school archers in block competition. Karson Kirkpatrick scored a second place with a 280.

The Cardinal high school team featured a fourth-place finish from Telfer in block competition with a score of 284. Salee shot 275 for sixth place, Clark shot 273 for eighth place. Brodie Mairet placed eighth in his division with a 276.

For EBF at North Mahaska, Chloe Lyon finished first among middle school girls in the block target tournament with a 283. Roberts was second among elementary boys with a 244, one point ahead of teammate Mason Marth who finished third, while Jatlin Moore finished second among high school boys with a 287. Venator was fourth among high school girls with a 276.

Moore placed third among high school boys in 3D archery with a score of 285, helping EBF finish first as a team with a score of 1,694. Dillon O’Brien place fourth with a score of 284 while Dylan Lyon was fifth with a score of 276.

Venator finished first for EBF among high school girls in 3D archery with a score of 290. Kaylie Lyon placed second with a score of 285.

Marth had the top score among elementary boys with a 241, leading the Rockets to a third-place finish as a team in 3D archery with a score of 1,232. Roberts placed third among elementary boys, posting a 240 total.

Chloe Lyon had the top 3D score among middle school girls with a 288, helping the Rockets place third as a middle school team with a total of 1,527. Poe placed fifth among middle school boys in 3D archery with a score of 269.


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