Kalen Walker



Class: Senior.

Sport: Football.

Other activities:

Basketball, baseball and



Ian and Tina Walker.

Favorite television

show: Family Guy.

Favorite actor:

Liam Neeson.

Favorite professional

team: Buffalo Bills.

Favorite college team:

Iowa Hawkeyes.

Favorite athlete:

LeSean McCoy.

Favorite food: Spaghetti.

Favorite restaurant:


Favorite vacation spots:

I’ve been to Florida. I kind

of want to go to California.

Biggest academic


I started in the lasers and

optics program. I’m pretty

proud of that. It’s kind of

getting my career started.

Biggest influence:

My dad. He’s been there for

me all my life. He’s always

made it to every one of my

games. He tells me every

day that he’s proud of me.

When did you first get

interested in football:

I didn’t want to go out of my

way to play football at first,

but all my friends were playing it.

What do you like most

about football:

Being around all the guys

and having that close brotherhood.

What do you do to get

ready to play:

I usually get a slice of pizza

and a Mountain Dew from

Casey’s before each game.

Personal goals:

I definitely want to make

the playoffs. I don’t think a

lot of teams can beat us,

even though they think they

can. We’re getting counted

out. People are underrating

us, so I think it would be

kind of cool to show every

body up.

Future plans:

I have one year left in my

laser’s program at Indian

Hills, so I’m going to go

there for one year to finish

that degree and run track.


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